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Greetings NEA-Jurupa family,


I hope you had a restful weekend and that the week is off to a good start! As always, THANK YOU for your continued grace, patience, and understanding as we continue to tread through our current reality. This article,“19 Reasons Why the Teacher Cried Today”, may sum up how many of us are feeling right now.


Attached is the Tentative Agenda for our Rep Council Meeting on Wednesday at 3:45 (via Zoom). If you have specific concerns, please reach out to me, your site reps, or area directors by tomorrow so that I can bring them to my meeting with the District on Wednesday morning.




COVID Testing: Staff who have not submitted proof of vaccination (fully vaccinated) must provide the District with test results no later than 4:00 p.m. each Friday. If you are tested at a District Site, those results will automatically be forwarded to the District. The District is aware that there may be a backlog of testing results (this is the case pretty much everywhere), but if you’ve tested at one of their sites, they will have that record. If you prefer to do your testing elsewhere, it is your responsibility to forward those results.


IEP Meetings: Many IEP Meetings are being scheduled outside of the contractual workday. A special thanks to our Education Specialists and SLP’s for trying their best to schedule IEP’s as flexibly as possible. Also, thank you to the general education teachers for attending the IEP’s.

Federal (IDEA) and State (Ed Code) govern the IEP process. In the event that any member attends those meetings, in accordance with our contract (Article VII Hours of Duty, Section 6 B. p 38) “Unit members who participate in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings which extend beyond their regular work day shall be compensated at the contractual hourly rate after 120 minutes per month”. If you have exceeded the 120 minutes, you are entitled to a blue time card.


Period Coverage: With the continued shortage of subs and members being asked to provide period coverage, I just wanted to remind you of the contract language in Article VII Hours of Duty, Section 1 P. (p 31)


“P. No unit member shall be required to substitute without extra compensation. Substitution assigned will be at the basic certificated hourly rate. In cases of emergency, period and/or partial day substitution shall be kept at a minimum and distributed equitably among available unit members with volunteers given first consideration. A unit member shall not be required to substitute at a school site or location that is not part of his/her regular assignment except under exigent circumstances. In case of regularly scheduled school or district events, period and/or partial day substitution shall be assigned by management from available volunteers. If volunteers are unavailable, assignments will be made by management on a rotational basis.”



Have a great rest of the day/week! Best to all of you and your loved ones. Please continue to stay safe and well!


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