Q: What is #AskAnEDUCATOR?
A: #AskAnEDUCATOR is a movement/campaign put forth by NEA-Jurupa’s Organizing committee to call attention to the everyday realities faced by NEA-Jurupa members.



A: Those of us who work daily with students need to have our collective voices and concerns heard.  This is our way of saying, why don’t you ask us what’s going on?


Q: Who is the #AskAnEDUCATOR campaign targeted to?
A: JUSD administrators and the members of JUSD’s Board of Education.


Q: When can you see #AskAnEDUCATOR being used?
A: At JUSD board meetings.


Q: How is the #AskAnEDUCATOR campaign executed?

A: Through NEA-Jurupa members holding #AskAnEDUCATOR signs and wearing #AskAnEDUCATOR t-shirts.