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I hope that you had a good weekend and got the opportunity to get some much needed downtime. As always, THANK YOU for all that you do to support your colleagues, staff, students, and the community at-large. 



Huge shout out to our NEA-Jurupa ILC (Instructional Leadership Corps) Team Chloe Arias, Nakeda Barnes, Felicia Burton, and Kelly McArdle on their feature in the ILC Blog. Thank you to Paul Swan VanLent for helping to get this started while he was NEA-Jurupa President.


There is so much going on, information is coming at a rapid pace, and there are still more questions than answers. I will continue to share information as it comes and is clarified. My apologies in advance for the long email.


GOVERNOR’S BUDGET PROPOSAL: Please remember that this is just a proposal and that it requires negotiations before being finalized. This will include a multitude of hearings and the May Revise (based on more updated projections), before it goes to the State Legislature for a vote in June. We are very hopeful because the budget forecast is extremely positive. 


GOVERNOR’S “RE-OPENING” PLAN: Along with his budget, the Governor presented a plan to get schools reopened. Again, there are many pieces to his plan that must be negotiated and voted on in the State Legislature. It’s important to note that Riverside County’s numbers are almost 6 times higher than the proposed minimum cases of 25 per 100K to physically return to campus. Legislative hearings have already begun (I attended one virtually on Thursday) and CTA is scheduling meetings with legislators to discuss our major concerns. I feel very fortunate to be included in a few of these meetings. The universal message from Management and Labor is that we want to come back in-person, but only when it’s safe. Click this link to easily send a letter to the Governor and Key Legislators (2 separate letters). It takes a few clicks and about 1 minute complete. If you’re interested in sharing your story with legislators, please consider submitting a Flipgrid Video.


Additionally, we must acknowledge that schools have not closed and teaching and learning has not stopped. Schools are open remotely, teacher and learning is being done remotely. Not sure if I shared this one yet, but here’s a great article on the “Ridiculousness of Learning Loss”.


STATE TESTING: As of now, state testing will continue with modifications. Both CTA and NEA are advocating for the suspension of state testing. Decisions are made at the Federal level to allow for states to apply for waivers. With the confirmation of the new Secretary of Education (and having an NEA member as the first lady), we are hopeful that this will be allowed. If you haven’t had the chance yet, please consider signing this petition: A Call to Waive Assessments


SRP (Supplemental Retirement Plan): All eligible members have received documents from the program administrator. The deadline to submit for the plan is February 5th


TELP CARDS: Those of you who are required to complete TELP cards can request a blue time card (up to 2 hours based on number of EL students) in lieu of taking sub time. The current hourly rate is $46.30. The Association brought concerns to the District in the fall about people not wanting to be out and the district decided to offer the blue time cards. Your site administrator should have notified you about this.


VACCINATIONS: The struggle is real! Many of you may be trying to schedule appointments, but can’t seem to get them. It appears that the appointment website is statewide and it crashes easily. If you are unable to get one in Riverside County and live in another county, please check your county’s COVID website. Vaccines have not been extended to educators (Phase 1B) in Los Angeles, Orange, or San Bernardino Counties yet. 

For those of you who have been able to get appointments, congrats! Please note that getting a vaccine is highly encouraged but is not mandated. 



Attached above are some of the concerns/questions addressed with the district this month, the 2021 School Board Meeting Calendar, and information from California Casualty.



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CTA Dependent and Member Scholarship and Grant Opportunities (Please check deadlines, some are due this upcoming Friday, January 29th) This link also include the opportunity to nominate for Chapter or Member in Politics Awards, Institute For Teaching (IFT) Grants, and more. 


Declaration of Candidacy for NEA-RA (State Delegate)- Due Friday, January 29th.

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Best to all of you and your loved ones. Please continue to stay safe and well.


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