Updates From Today

Good afternoon NEA-Jurupa family,


I wanted to address a couple of issues that have come up today for clarification purposes.


The district’s decision to go to one Learning Management System (Power School Learning): This is the district’s right to make/mandate this decision. I have received several emails asking about the decision and have created a document to share with the district. I also asked for additional clarification from Dave and received this explanation from him… “If a teacher uses Power School as their LMS and communicates to parents/students through Power School to protect the single LMS ease-of-use for them, then linking to something in Google Classroom is totally ok”. In other words, Power School needs to be used for “communication purposes”, however, you may continue to use your other platforms (I’m a Google Classroom person) and link those to your Power School page. Again- this is no way inhibits you from using your other digital platforms, they just need to be linked to your Power School page.


MOU Negotiations:  The MOU Committee met with the district today to discuss returning to school. We opened by expressing the overwhelming concerns, anxiety, and stresses that our members are dealing with, because there is so much you need to know and don’t know. They presented us with a counter to our MOU and we were extremely disappointed with what they proposed in some areas. We will be meeting with them tomorrow again to continue discussions. We hope to have some news to share.


Please stay tuned. 


In Unity,


Wendy 😊